Moving? 5 Steps To Complete After You Pack Each Box

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I knew when I married my husband that I wouldn't have much of a stable life. I knew that I would have to be willing to move as often as needed for his job. Over the last eight years, we have moved six times. Although moving is getting easier, it is still a challenge that we have to get through. All of those moves have helped me come up with a lot of great ways to reduce the time it takes to pack and unpack the things we own. This blog contains tips and tricks that can help you make moving easier.

Moving? 5 Steps To Complete After You Pack Each Box

1 March 2021
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How you pack your boxes for a move is one of the most important parts of a safe and secure move. For the best results, here are five steps you should complete after you pack each box and before you move on to the next one. 

1. Check the Packing Material 

First, take a second look at how well everything is packed into the box. If items can move or you see empty spaces, fill these with additional packing material. If possible, keep some DIY packing material — such as rags, towels, small pillows, puffy winter clothing, sheets, or even stuffed animals — handy for last-minute additions. 

2. Move the Box

Before securing the box, carefully move it around a little to test it. You're looking for two things. First, nothing inside the box should move or shift as you pick up or gently jiggle the box. Second, the bottom and sides of the box should remain firmly in place. It's better to test this before transporting the box in a rush on the big day of the move. 

3. Label or Color Code the Box

Your moving company will likely have an inventory system to keep track of all your boxes and furnishings. But you should have your own as well. Many homeowners like to use colors to indicate boxes from particular rooms or with particular groups of items inside. Add a label with a brief description of the box's major contents. Place these on more than one side so you can see them from multiple angles. 

4. Take a Photo of the Contents

Take out your phone and snap a quick photo of the box and its label. This extra step helps identify particular items you may need later. While a single picture won't capture everything inside the box, it will at least give a visual reminder to help in identification. 

5. Seal It Up Thoroughly

Finally, seal up the box thoroughly. Many experts recommend the letter H method. This involves taping up the center seam in one long roll that extends partially down the sides, then taping perpendicular across the two open short edges. The result is roughly the letter H, which provides the most coverage against leaking and ripping. 

Want more tips to achieve the best results when packing your boxes? Start by consulting with a professional moving company. Their experience of moving hundreds or even thousands of other households over the years will ensure that all your stuff arrives safely and comfortably at your new home.