Choosing Between Two Furniture Movers? How to Know Which Option Is Right for You

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Choosing Between Two Furniture Movers? How to Know Which Option Is Right for You

15 September 2020
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What do you need to know before you hire furniture movers? If you're torn between two residential moving companies, take a look at the decision-making questions to ask each furniture mover.

What Moving Dates Are Open?

Whether you just sold your old home and have a tight timetable for moving into your new one, or you just have a specific date in mind, you need a mover that can accommodate your scheduling needs. If one of your top choice contractors doesn't have your move-in date available, you're one step closer to a decision.

What Do You Charge for the Move?

While the price isn't the sole factor in your choice, you may need to select a company with rates that fit into your budget. The average cost to move a two to there bedroom home is $1,250. Not only should the mover provide you with an overall quote for the service, but they should also break down the charges into individual costs. You may not need everything the quote includes or you may want additional options that come with an extra fee.

Even though a low price may tempt you, the cheapest quote isn't always the best. If one estimate is dramatically lower than the other, you may need to get a third quote. It's possible the low offer is too good to be true or the higher one includes excessive or unnecessary charges.

How Do You Handle Fragile Items?

Do you have a hutch filled with stemware, heirloom china, antiques, or valuable artwork to move? These, and other similarly delicate items, require a special set of skills to move. Avoid unnecessary damage and choose a mover with experience in this area.

Why Should a Customer Choose Your Company?

What makes the residential mover or furniture moving service different from other contractors? If every company had the same level of expertise and experience, you could click on the first contractor you google and make a quick decision. But it isn't likely your two top choices are completely equal.

Before you decide on one mover, ask each company why you should select their services. A high-quality company should provide customers with specific reasons, such as the number of years of experience they have serving your local community, knowledge/expertise level, and special skills or services they offer. Along with the mover's answer, ask the contractor for reference from past or present customers.