Do Not Make These Mistakes When Moving A Hot Tub

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Do Not Make These Mistakes When Moving A Hot Tub

15 May 2018
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A hot tub is a large tub that can be very difficult to move given all the components associated with the hot tub and how awkward it is. If you assemble hot tub moving equipment, you may find it easier to move your tub; however, there are several mistakes you can still make that you should watch out for.

Not Measuring All the Dimensions

Given the size of the tub, you must make sure that the moving truck will have enough space to fit the hot tub. You should also make sure that the location where you will place the hot tub can fit it and that the hot tub will fit through any openings, like doors.

Not Packing the Hot Tub Accessories Individually

If you do not pack hot tub accessories individually, you'll be more likely to lose or damage a component. The common accessories that you will need to pack include the electrical units, plumbing units, heater, blower, and pumps.

Not Having Enough Helpers

Given that a hot tub can weigh a thousand pounds, you will want to have several able-bodied helpers who can assist you in moving your hot tub. The best individuals to hire are professionals who have experience with moving a hot tub. Professionals will know how to drain and disconnect the hot tub. You can save money by having your friends help you, but you will at least want to make sure that they fully understand what to do. When moving the hot tub, it is helpful to have one helper who simply watches for any obstacles that you might trip over or any other potential issues.

Not Making Sure the Hot Tub is Secure

Even with the right tools, if you do not have straps with which to secure your hot tub in place, you might lose control over the hot tub; many dollies come with straps already. You will likely need three dollies for the front, back, and middle of the hot tub.

Not Covering the Tub with Blankets

The hot tub can become scratched if you do not cover it with blankets while moving it. Use the moving straps to hold the blankets in place. Make sure that the dollies do not rub against the hot tub, but have blankets in between the dollies and the tub. When you have transported the tub to its final location, remove the dollies and use your helpers to slowly move the hot tub into place.

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