Six Things That Can Make Moving Easier When You Have A Disability

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Six Things That Can Make Moving Easier When You Have A Disability

26 June 2017
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Moving can be a challenge for those with a disability and take some extra effort and planning. It can be difficult or impossible to move things on your own if you've got a disability, so you'll be especially likely to rely on the services of long distance moving company. The following are five helpful tips to keep in mind as you hire the right movers and plan your move:

Get some financial assistance

Those with a disability can often take advantage of financial aid offered by organizations like the Administration for Community Living or Association of University Centers on Disabilities.

Moving is often more expensive for people with disabilities, so this financial aid can really come in handy. Whether you need help paying for moving services or adding accessibility features to your home, you may be able to take advantage of financial aid on the basis of your disability. 

Think ahead regarding accessibility in your new home

You need to be thinking about accessibility while you're still on the market for a home. While you may be able to build some accessibility adaptations into your new home, making extensive changes could become very expensive. Look for a home that already offers an overall design that's convenient for everyday living for you. If you need to add any disability adaptations, get started on them long before move in day so that your new home is ready for you. 

Take advantage of services provided through your Social Security insurance

When it comes time to move, Social Security Disability Insurance may offer you some supplemental benefits like health care services in your new area. Research this possibility ahead of time to take advantage of programs run by the local government or housing authority. 

Look into health services in your new neighborhood before you move

If you have a disability, you probably need to schedule regular doctor visits to stay healthy. Find a new health care provider in your new area before moving so that's you don't neglect appointments with the doctor or your treatment regime because of your move. 

Discuss your disability with your moving company

Depending on what type of disability you have, you may want to discuss it with your moving company. If your moving company is aware of your disability, they may make a special effort to accommodate you by handling extra tasks that you're not able to do yourself. 

Move gradually if possible

Those with a disability generally handle a move best when they're able to move in gradually rather than all in one day. Try to make a few overnight trips to your new area to get acclimated to it and to see whether you need to get a few more disability adaptations taken care of to feel at home.